Sharing my brand


I'd like to share the brand with you

I'm very excited here at the Secret Jeweller (who I lovingly refer to as SJ, though I do know Sj is not a person!). I'm just excited because I can finally share the brand with you and I love sharing.

It has taken me not a small amount of time, a few setbacks and well frankly just too much Earl Grey and Prosecco (not a combination I would recommend) to get here, but making everything by hand takes time.

Still here I am, with pieces from my Earth, Air, Water, Fire series, inspired by a lifelong love of mountains, forests and oceans (Though I'm also 'secretly' a city person).

I really hope to create jewellery that is special and unique because I truly want to celebrate those qualities in everyone around me, and I want anyone who wears my jewellery to feel special. That has been my aim from the beginning and something i'll always work to (I'm very focused like that!). You can read my profile to find out more.

So have a look around and i’ll let you decide for yourselves, feel free to drop me a note or if you’re interested in commissioning a piece i'm happy to help.

Also, I just got back from the studio and I can tell you there are more pieces coming, but as I said earlier creating art really does take time and i’d prefer not to rush things so remember to come back!

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