Elements: Fish


This exquisite fine silver enamel fish necklace shimmers in the depths of the ocean as it if were gliding on the ocean floor.  This wonderful necklace uses textured silver foil to give a feel of moving water and is a magnificent statement piece that is truly standout.

The back of this necklace has been designed with delightful silver spirals that really finishes the piece.

Dimensions: 3″″ x 2″ Pendant


Each piece here at the Secret Jeweller is hand fabricated in my London studio. From design to inception the process consists of a number of steps, which start at cutting the shape of the jewel from the fine silver sheet, and ‘soldering’ – the process of joining sheets of silver together to its base, thin cloisonne wires are then formed into wonderful and whimsical designs and inlaid into the pieces.  It is a careful and delicate process of bending and forming the thin cloisonne wires within which several layers of enamel are then inlaid and fired, layer by layer, shaded with different hues to create the jewels you see.   If you want to read more on the process please visit the In the Studio section.