Choosing your chain length


Choosing your chain length

Chain length can make or break your style statement so I thought it might help to put together a quick reference guide for you.

As someone with a fairly slim neck I have often found necklaces and pendants can hang too low on my neckline at 18” yet make the perfect statement at 16” long.   In my experience I've often found that necklaces and pendants come with a standard 18' chain which has meant replacing or shortening the chain for it to sit on my neck the way I liked it, and where the pendant or necklace really looked at its best.

Therefore choosing the right chain length should definitely be considered.

I hope the simple visual guide above will help you decide what sort of statement you want to make, and what lengths might suit you best.

At the Secret Jeweller you can opt for these lengths for many of the pieces available, in some instances the chain lengths may be part of the design so you may need to contact me to discuss alternative length adjustments. 

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