Caring for your enamel jewellery


Caring for your enamel jewellery


Fine Silver jewellery is softer than sterling silver, therefore you should always ensure that you don’t wear your jewellery activities such as gardening, very heavy lifting or where there is likely hood of the jewellery catching as this may bend the silver.   Silver jewellery should ideally also be removed before working with chemicals or photographic solutions as this can again cause tarnishing.

Although Fine silver should not tarnish as easily as Sterling silver due to its higher silver purity, it may still tarnish over time.  Where there are Sterling silver components or chains they will more readily tarnish.  Tarnishing can be caused by excess moisture in the skin, gasses in the air and a variety of other factors, however bringing back the shine is fairly easy!  You can use a small amount of baking soda in water to soak the piece, then rinse under water and gently drying off.  Or you can use the silver polish cloth included with all Secret Jewellery pieces to gently and lightly polish the piece to return it to its original shine.


Whilst enamel jewellery is hard wearing and cared for can last forever, it is in essence still powdered glass which has been fused onto the silver through heating, therefore you should take extra care when wearing it. Try to  avoid dropping or hitting it against anything hard as this can chip at or break the enamel.

So don't forget with a little love and care your jewellery should last, and bring you joy for a very long time!

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