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Jewellery is secret, private, a unique and beautiful object we own and give to others. It should be made with that passion and sensibility. It shouldn’t be piled high on a website or mass made, not if it is to become a private treasure. From the precious metals and stones and enamels, ancient techniques should be used, forcing the inner truth from each piece until it is a subtle statement. At the Secret Jeweller we believe in an original and truly bespoke approach to every single item. How can we love an item if love wasn’t used in its making?

Our belief is that our work is art and our clients are our gallery in a sense. From the simple to the complex our message is clear. This wonderful journey begins for us with the secret at the heart of the commission or selection. From there we can economically and fairly get to work on meeting your expectations. We keep you informed every step of the way. You watch as each element is brought together. You can even request a picture diary of its creation.

If you can imagine it so can we….

The Secret Jeweller